Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who says work isnt fun?

Went out on an assignment for one of the magazines that i shoot for today, probably one of the funnest that i have done thus far. Todays adventure involved going up in a biplane!! Yep you read it right a flippin sweet plane, it was about the coolest thing ever!! I was a little worreid the night before when it started to drizzle and was praying that the weather would hold up for the shoot this afternoon. I almost lost hope today when i looked outside and it was overcast........but thank you God it cleared up and it was a gorgeous afternoon. Th ride was a blast and it was cool to be in an old plane with an open cockpit, got more stuff that i will be shooting soon so i will keep you all posted. Oh and stay tuned for some images from Jamie and Kashas wedding coming your way. The wedding was OFF THE HOOK!!!! Enjoy!!


blaine said...

dude, wow. no fair!!! epic shots and epic adventure that i am so jealous of! that last shot is definitely my favorite... awesome!!

Erik Jepsen said...

That is so sweet!