Sunday, June 01, 2008

It continues...

The bachelor party still fact some of us are still awake as you can clearly see. Most have gone to bed long ago but the die hards (or dumb ones if you so choose) are still up goofing around. So far we have been a blast!!! I went out again yesterday, didnt go out more than a few hundred feet and had no real agenda for the afternoon so i decided to try out something that i have been wanting to do for a while. I like working with strobes and my cameras have a feature called high speed sync, basically the camera and the flash are able to sync up to the top shutter speed of the camera which is 1/8000 of a second. Being able to do this of course opens up many new opportunities but i havent really had a chance to try it out. There really wasnt much up here that i thought would be cool to try it on so i settled for some wild plants growing around here. Would have been great if they had some sweet looking flowers on them but hey you take what you can get. Anywho, it was a lot of fun and i learned a lot, of course as many things in photography the ability to shoot flash at such a fast shutter speed is without its costs. You sacrifice power for that ability, meaning that your flash has to be ridiculously close to your subject, but this can be overcome by using more flashes which i just might invest in. Other that experimenting i got to do a couple of macro shots and followed these little white bugs around trying to get a good shot. I miss shooting this kind of stuff , but im grateful that i at least get to do it once in a while. So there you have it, heres some photos for you. Enjoy!!

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