Saturday, May 31, 2008

The 411......

Ok so i know that its been a while since i last updated the blog, and if you are a regular here you may have noticed that the updates have been somewhat sporadic lately. Well there is a reason for it, as i start to pick up more and more work it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with updating the blog. Right now between editing, shooting weddings and shooting for the magazines that i shoot for life has been well busy. While it has been a challenge and a stretching experience for me it has also been an exciting time and i am having the most fun that i have ever had "working". Right now im working on a fairly large project for one of the magazines, you may recall one of the earlier post where i went up in a biplane to shoot some photos. The project continues and i continue to grow and love my job more and more. One of the challenging things about this project has been that i took on calling and scheduling things for the photo shoots, administrative stuff has also been my weak spot so this has been a good experience for me. After weeks of trying to get the shoots scheduled i was beginning to become frustrated, as the weather has been lees than cooperative, i would play phone tag with people......all the obstacles that you could imagine seemed to be happening. So after many attempts at trying to get things done and nothing working out i was pretty discouraged, but things began to come together and i have been having a blast with all of it. Memorial day i did the shoot at the lagoon and it was just awesome!! The owner Josh who runs a watersports rental facility at the lagoon was just awesome to work with and incredibly accommodating. He had 2 of his guys that are the wakeboard instructors take me out in the morning for a wakeboard run, they were super chill and great to work with. I came back in the afternoon and rode wave runners until the sun went down. So my memorial day was, wakeboard run in the morning, sushi with the fam for lunch, hang at the beach for the afternoon, and go back to ride jet skie's.......HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!?!?! So there you have it, been busy but having a blast!! Heres some photos from the lagoon and check back this week as i will be posting some photos from a wedding we just shot. Right now im up at Big Bear for the weekend for my buddies bachelor party, i went out this afternoon for a little bit so the next post will be on that. Enjoy!!

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