Monday, September 17, 2007

Wavecrest 2007

Saturday was a sweet day!! My dad told me about a car show that was going on in Encinitas, but not just any car show......the Woodie show. I love classic cars and love to go to Hot Rod shows and such, but this is something different. Woodies are in a league all their own, yes the wood paneling sets them apart from normal classic muscle cars but its the whole culture around them that is really fun. Everything about the cars just says laid back cruisin along the coast. Its so cool to talk with the owners and seeing really how the car is an extension of their personality. It was awesome and it was great to be there with my Dad who has taken an interest in photography i might add. The really surprising thing though was the fact that i was up at 6 am to be at dads thats just unheard of for me!! Having never shot these cars before i took the same approach as i have with other cars and shots detail stuff. It worked great in the sense that it showed the beautiful wood paneling but i dont feel it really captures the essence of the what the cars are about. next time i want to try and show more of the "culture" side of it. So i shot cars in the morning and in the afternoon did an engagement session with my buddy Shane and his bride to be Sarah, but pictures will come later on........but it was a ton of fun. Havent had a lot of time go through and edit but heres a few shots from the show. Enjoy!


blaine said...

man i miss the beach... thanks a lot... jerk.

Lorenzo Menendez said...

its my way of making sure that you get your butt back to california!!