Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Coronado Incident

Finally went out and did some night shooting a couple of nights ago, ive been so busy lately that i havent had a chance to shoot stuff that i really like to shoot. My buddy Mike Baca and i ventured out into the night and headed down to Coronado in SD. I have been on the island before but never to do some night shooting, Mike had a spot that he likes to go to and so we shot there. It was fun and i really liked getting out and shooting again, some clouds would have been nice but alas no luck. I didnt shoot a ton so i dont have a lot of photos and most of them im not all that thrilled about. There was this little beach area though thats used to park small boats and got a shot there that i like. As always the night was not without incident and we met some drunk people on the beach...theyre always entertaining. We also saw some guy washing his car next to the bathroom at 2am......yeah i know. I guess Coronado must be the place to wash your car at 2am......either that or he was a murderer and was washing away evidence. Finally as we were driving towards the bridge we were stopped at a stop light. Mikes friend James ( who came along with us ) was in the back apparently fascinated by my 1 million candle power spot light or portable sun burn as i call it. While sitting there we see a guy roaming the streets walks up to an SUV and starts asking the driver something, we dont know what but he seemed to be annoyed. SUV drives off, random guy is in the middle of the intersection looking around..........wacko sees us.......big smile....puts thumbs up......runs towards us. *we all roll up windows* james in back "should i blind him?" me "no not yet just be ready" yep wacko is definitely walking towards us......."now james BLIND HIM!!!!!!" *spot light goes on* "its green go!!!" *we speed away* we looked back to make sure he wasnt some superhuman psycho that could outrun the car. we were in the clear mike and i were relieved nothing bad happened........james was happy he got to blind someone....and that was our night.

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