Thursday, September 13, 2007

Return to the cemetery.....

Just a little advice..........never watch zombie movies when you have to go shoot at a cemetery at night!!! Your mind just starts playing trick on you man, luckily my buddy Michael Chan decided to accompany me on that shoot. It was fun to have him there and just be able to talk to someone, night photograhy while exciting to see the results is extremely BOOOOORING waiting for the exposure to finish up. As if that not enough you have to wait after the exposure too because the camera does noise reduction which can take just as long as the exposure. So this shoot was again for a local publication, i was planning on shoting more that night but like an idiot i forgot to charge my batteries. So i didnt have enough power fo more exposures, so yeah there you go. Heres the 2 exposures from the night. Enjoy!!

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