Thursday, September 13, 2007

Belated Labor Day.....

So i took these images on Labor Day of course, but i have just been so busy with stuff that i havent been ablt to post them. We sepnt labor day at Williams boss's house and pretty much spent all day in the pool and hanging out. It was a lot of fun, i actually did something really stupid though. Not having an underwater housing to play with i decided to put my camera in a ziplock bag and tryt o shoot that way. Aside from the fact that its sketchy beyond belief to do that and it pissed my wife off beyond all measure it was still fun. the i mages were blurry of course since youre shooting through plastic, but i thought it made them look kind of Holgaish too. Just to clarify, i only dipped the front end of the camera in not the whole dumb do you think i am!?!?! dont answer that. Anyhoo, shot some other stuff at sunset and then called it a day, over all it was way relaxing and fun. Enjoy.

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