Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vroom Vroom....

Sunday before last Vista had the annual Rod Run, i love old cars so this event is always fun for me. I didnt realize that it ended at 4 so by the time that i got there at 2:30pm a lot of the cars were gone. There were still some sweet ones left though so it was lot of fun to shoot some of the cars. Now just so you know, my shooting style can be somewhat frustrating to people especially wen it comes to vehicles. Many absolutely hate my car shots ( i have been told this ) because i rarely show the entire car. I dont know why but im more of a details shooter than anything else, i love to get up close and shoot that way. I dont know why that is but its not going to change anytime soon. For now heres just a couple of shots for you.......hope you enjoy them snd if you dont well then thats ok too.

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