Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Its official....i hate sand!!!

At least California sand, it looks incredibly dirty, its this super fine grain that stick to my body and makes me itchy. It gets EVERYWHERE!!!! Not like Hawaii sand where the grains are big feels good on your feet and falls off when you get dry...mmmmmmm. Ok to the point, did a senior portrait today at the beach (hence why i hate sand, i was in it today) for my friend Rachel Morquecho. Rachel and i go waaaaaaaaaaaay back to the days when i was still working at North Coast Church. It was way fun, im glad that i was there shooting pictures of her cus its the only thing that made being in that sand tolerable. It was fun chillin today Rachel good to see you and catch up a little bit. Hope you like your photos.

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MediaShipper said...

You and Annikan will hit it off.