Monday, August 27, 2007

Very Excite!!!!!!

MMMMMMMMMM the other day Nikon announced 2 new cameras. The Nikon D3 and the D300, the D3 is their new top of the line model and is also 5 grand......just a wee bit out of my price range. The D300 on the other hand is nto out of my price range, this new camera replaces and does a mjor upgrade to the current D200 of which i am a very proud owner. I wont get into specifics about the new cameras but will say that they do look amazing and am eager to see how they perform, the 2 new models wont come out until November of this year but Lord willing i will be in line waiting to get my eager little hands on the D300. Canon has also rolled out some really amazing new gear which im sure all of you Canon shooters are eager to buy. Now, with all of this new gear coming out, the never ending debate between what camera brand is better rages on. I have been debating wether or not to do a post dedicated to this "issue" for sometime now, i will not bore you with a huge essay as to what i think about the whole thing but will say this. The debate for me is a pointless one always has been and always will be, i became a photographer because i wanted and continue to want to make great images. I was inspired by amazing images that photographers like John Shaw, Joe Mcnally, Dave Black, Vincent Laforet or John Huba have shot and continue to admire their work. Some are Nikon shooters others are Canon shooter, but they point is that for me what inspired me is the image not the gear. Now the question arises "are there davantages to one or the other" oh yeah!! I think Canon has very BIG advantages over Nikon, image quality and low light performance at High ISO's Canon has it hands down. Nikon i feel has amazing quality when it comes to their images the camera feels great in your hand and is tough as nails, they just keep on shooting no matter what you throw at the thing. Do i drool over some of the gear that Canon puts out? You better believe it! I dont know of any photographer out there that wouldnt love to shoot with an 80mm 1.2 lens the thing is amazing. So if Canon has all these advantages why stick with Nikon? I come back to what i had said before, i want to make great images not get into a debate about what gear is better. When i bought my 1st Nikon i looked at the 2 brands Canon and Nikon, anything in my price range that Canon had felt like a toy and didnt sit right in my hand. I pick up the Nikon and can tell you that i knew right away that it was the camera that i wanted, since then i have invested thousand of dollars into the Nikon system and so it doesnt make sense for me to switch. The money factor is a huge one but i can also tell you that i shot with a 20d for over a month and could not get used to the thing, for me My Nikon gear solves problems it doesnt create them. Im sure i will continue to hear how Nikon absolutely sucks compared to Canon and that is perfectly fine, there are still may pros out there shooting Nikons....and even if they switch over i will continue to admire their work as i always have. Besides i look on the web and find people shooting great photos and at times when i lok up the data to see what it was shot with..........Pentax. So i ended up writing an essay, sorry, but ive put in my 2 cents.......or 1.25 if you will and that all that you hear about it from me. I continue to view the world through one eye and continually find that what i see is amazing i strive to capture it in such a state in order to cuase awe and in so doing inspire a new generation.

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