Thursday, August 30, 2007

A heavenly body bleeds......

More accurately it was a lunar eclipse, as the moon travels into the shadow of the earth it is cut off from the suns light. Upon the earth what was bathed in the cool blue glow of moonlight soon turns black. One doesn't realize just how much light the moon gives off when it is full until that light is cut off and where you could once see your shadow it was now gone. The eclipse was AMAZING!! Its kind of eerie seeing it turn into this dark reddish color. I did go out to shoot but will admit that i was at a loss as to what to do, never having photographed an eclipse before i was running pretty low on ideas. Your typical shot is of course the moon against a dark sky....BORING!!! Besides shooting a shot like that, there really wasn't much else to do, so i decided to use the image blending feature in my camera and blended multiple exposures in the camera.I only did 2 shots that i "liked" and even those I'm not all that excited about there just isn't that much around here to use as a good foreground. So we settled for this bridge that we found in Del Mar. Thanks to my buddy Mike Baca for coming with me to keep me company until the wee hours of the night, keep an eye for his stuff to see if he posts any of his pictures. Also check out my buddy Blaine's blog, he got some sweet stuff up in Oregon. Overall got boring shots but i had a great time and learned something new and that's all that matters. Enjoy!!!

1st up the boring shot:

Blended image 1. Did a 4 minute exposure on the bridge and took my strobe to pop some light onto the bridge. I did about 20 pops on the strobe which had an orange gel on it to warm up the light. Next i shot the moon using a 300mm lens (thats why it looks so huge) and blended the images in the camera.

same image of the bridge but shot the moon with a 80-200mm lens so i could control how big the moon looked in the final image.

Last shot of the night, no moon but still fun. Forgot the clamp i use to mount the flash thats whay you can see it in the coner there.....oh well live and learn.

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blaine said...

interesting title... sick photos! i like the one with the smaller moon and bridge. the light on that bridge is sweet dude.