Sunday, December 03, 2006

Test Subject # 2...

Ok my second shot for this little project was my other borther in-law John, hes more of a beach person and loves to surf. So for this one the logical choice was the beach, he was a little apprehensive at first, but thats why i love digital. You can take a few shots and look at the good ones and show your subject that they dont look stupid like they think they do and its a totally different person in front of the camera after that. This shoot was even more fun cus my wife came with me and helped out so much!!!! You never realize how much work you do on location until someone else is helping you and you realize that your job is about 1000 time easier!!!! Why is it easier? Oh yeah!!! i didint have to hold that reflector, while keeping the camera steady and look through the viewfinder to make sure my focus is still sharp!!!! So thank you to my lovely assitant, and to John too for being such a good sport. Plus it was fun to hang out with him since i dont get to see him much. Ok ill be quiet now, heres some pics.

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