Saturday, December 02, 2006

So its been what?

50 years since i last posted anything new? Ok well it hasnt been that long, but it has been a while. To those of you who actually visit and read this thing or give a crap i do apologize for the lack of posting recently. I actually have been busy lately and that is very exciting for me, words cannot describe how amazing these past few weeks have been for the Menendi. If you dont know yet, i am no longer working at North Coast Church. After nine years of employment it was time to move on and pursue the dream to be a full time photographer. Needless to say this decision carried with it many stresses one of which is of course financial. With only my wife working there would be less money, so how do we make it was always the question. While our pockets are not overflowing with extra money it is so exciting to see how God always provides. I have had a nice stream of work coming in, and have sold some photos off of the website. Im not as busy as i would like to be but i am busier than i thought i would be in the 1st month of this venture. The are more posts coming cus i am so far behind so for now i leave you with the the shot that i just sold from the web site. Enjoy.

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