Sunday, December 03, 2006

And now more cool news...

I dont know if i mentioned this in the Carlsbad Street Fair post i did a while back, if i didnt then here it is. While i was shooting at the street fair i saw a booth for Carlsbad Magazine, its a small magazine that focuses on Carlsbad and the lifetyle and culture for that community. Its a pretty cool publication and i have always wondered if i could submit photos to them and have them printed. Well i never really got around to looking into it and seeing if they do take outside work into consideration.......but at the street fair i finally got my chance. I went up and met Tim Wrisley and asked if they were ever looking for photographers, to my delight he said yes!! So he asked me to submit some photos for their next issue and so began the journey. I told my parents about it and they were totally excited about it and they have been lifting it up in prayer since i found out about just the possibility of having some work published.I submitted a bunch of photos and they seemed to like most of them, but it was so nerve racking just waiting to find out to see if they would take any of them. So about a week ago i get an email from Mr. Wrisley and he let me know that theres 3 photos that he really liked and wanted high res images for publication. I am totally excited to have some of my work published, the exposure that i can get from this is a very cool thing right now. As you can see its been a pretty exciting few weeks for me, its amazing to see everything happen and seeing God just open doors and providing. Right now im just enjoying life and preparing myself for whatever trials are coming up, because when they come im sure ill look back on this time and remember that God always provides. I certainly could not have come to this pont without Him and the support of my amazing wife. And to have the amazing support and encouragement from my parents has been amazing....thank you guys for believing in me. Heres the 3 photos that will be published, look for the new issue to come out on Jan 1st.

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