Sunday, December 03, 2006

Goin out to play.....

How cool is it to know that you're working but you feel like your playing? I went to Carlsbad on Tuesday to drop off the cd with the 3 images for Carlsbad Magazine, did various errands and decided to stay in Carlsbad. I went over to Vinaka ( our favorite coffee shop) and decided to work from there, since they have free Wi-Fi I set up my laptop there and answered emails for the gotta love technology!!!!! It got to be right before sunset and since I had my gear with me I decided to pack up and go shoot, shot some random stuff and waited until after the sun had gone down to do some long exposure stuff. I didn't have my tripod with me so this made for a very interesting endeavor. I was at the jetti at tamarack and the tide was pretty low so I wanted to get closer to the water so I could get more of the moving water with my wide angle lens. While my gear didn't get wet my shoes did, the water was surprisingly warm.......but man did it get cold after the sun went down. My feet were FREEZING!!!!! Lesson for the day? Always take your stinkin tripod and always remove your shoes before you get close to the water.......despite the death of my shoes I still had a blast. Here's some shots.

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