Monday, December 04, 2006

My French Nemesis...

For many years now i have had the "pleasure" of knowing Callyn Galloway. Callyn is one of those people that likes to fight back and thinks that there is hope of defeating me whenever we get into an insult match. Yet after all these years of constant defeat she still hasn't learned that there is just no way to defeat me and my amazing verbal wit, but you gotta give her credit she just keeps on trying. Shes like the little engine that could, she thinks she can, i guess you could say that i am oh i dont know........the Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missile that comes out of nowhere and vaporizes her!!!!! Muahahahahaha.......she eventually sees that there really is no hope and bows her head in shame. I pat her on the back and tell her its ok......youre part French. So this back an forth banter has been going on for years, truth be told i have nothing but the utmost respect for her. Ive often thought that if i could have another sister and pick who it would be then it would be Callyn. She is just too cool and extremely talented musically. Anywho, a few months back Callyn asked me if i would take her senior portraits, i of course said yes and was very excited for the opportunity. Well yesterday we finally got around to getting the shoot done and i gotta tell ya, it was one of the funnest ones that i have done to date, her boyfriend matt came along and he became my diffuser holder which was a huge help. After we were finished we still had some time so we did a little "couples" shoot around O'side and that was a blast too, cus we all know how much guys just love to take pictures. All i have to say is thanks for a great afternoon guys, and Callyn, know that despite all my teasing i love you dearly! heres some pics. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

yeah yeah yeah you may win THIS time... only because you're posting your insults on a web page where everyone can see them!
the pictures turned out awesome, thank you soo much!
love you zo!

l.s.galloway said...

Oh ZO!!!!!

Your shots of the wee one are amazing! You really caught the real Callyn - she looks gorgeous, and I adore the pictures of her with that boy.... whatever-his-name-is...

God's given you a wonderful gift, Lorenzo -- thank you for using it to bless our family.

Much love,
Lisa G

Anonymous said...

Amazing as usual!

hey, so when are you going to do this for me and taylor?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorenzo,

I'm Robert McLaughlin, a fellow member at North Coast Church, and of the GGG (Galloway Growth Group).

Lisa shared your link with the members. In my professional opinion your photographic vision is second-to-none. I had a portrait studio in downtown Vista in the early 90's, and your work outshines anything I ever did.

The best of luck to you in your photographic endeavors!

BTW, I've got your link on my sidebar.