Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 6........

Day 6 we decided to take a stroll through a little farmers market in Kona, you the little places with all the trinkets that you just cant live without. It was pretty cool, bunch of locals, fresh fruit, little kids running around it was ridiculously hot though. After that we all did our own things, Jen and i decided to keep walking down the main strip and check out some of the shops. We came across a man who makes hats and other things out of palm tree leaves. Its really amazing to watch these guys and see what their making, they make baskets, hats, little roses (jen was given one of those) its pretty sweet. Soon after we visited a little hole in the wall sushi place that we had heard about, super cheap and the sushi was tasty (albeit the rice was a little dry) you just cant go wrong. Seeing as how the end of our week on the Big Island was drawing ever nearer we decided to visit a beach that we heard had some sweet snorkeling. We were not disappointed and i was excited since i saw my 1st eel, it was a spotted moray eel and it was incredibly stubborn. I shot forever trying to get a good photo, but in the end i settled for a decent one that i had gotten as the current was just getting to strong and i was getting really tired. Lots of cool fish though, this site had provided the clearest water so far but a las conditions changed quickly and soon the tide picked up and murky it became. Still a lot of fun though, and i think that was pretty much it for day 6.......seems like we took it pretty easy. Brace yourselves cus this one has A LOT of photos!!

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