Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 4.....

Day 4 consisted of......yep....you got it more snorkeling and more turtles. We went to this beach that was actually part of a boat marina, but if you went past that and on this short little trail you came out onto this really cool beach. Not a lot of people were there so this was a big plus, not only that but there were a bunch of turtles in the water (super cool). Something that was not super cool thought was that the tide was really low, meaning that the reef was really shallow and hard to navigate. This was nice for jen though as she could just walk out on the reef and find a turtle and put her camera in and take photos. Not so much for me though as the shape of my camera housing doesnt really allow for that, so i found myself literally crawling on my stomach on top of the reef. This is not recommended and the reef can be pretty sharp and give you some nasty cuts, luckily i didnt get cut but it was ridiculously itchy after i got out of the water. Totally worth it though as i got some cool stuff and found this turtle that was absolutely COVERED in algea. Usually most of them are but this guys was just ridiculous!!! We spent most of the morning there, but soon after hunger set in and we went in search of food. We had wanted to go to the Kona Brewing Company for a couple days now and so off we were to get some yummy pizza. Once there we walked in and saw an area full of kegs of beer ( the promised land.........no im not an alcoholic. but i enjoy a good beer) So seated and hungry we ordered some yummy pizza, now if you know me at all you know that i am no fan of dark beers such as Guiness. My bro-inlaw william had told me about this beer that they brew with coffee beans, of course it had to be a dark and thick beer but i figured why not. I mean 2 yummy things that i like (coffee and beer) contained within one glass? HELLO!!!!! It was pretty tasty actually, i still wont drink Guiness though, now while eating we were visited by some geckos. These little guys a SWEET!!! of course i had no macro lens and no strobes, only a wide angle lens and ambient light. Not about to be denied sweet photos i went to work and made the best of the situation, i actually got some cool ones so i was happy. Ok so fed and happy we departed to another beach, nice and sandy it was good for some body boarding and i spotted some kids on boogie boards running towards the water and doing some sweet tricks. So i shot some of that for a little while, i snorkeled too but soon vacated the water as the tides were moving me around way to much........and that was day 4.

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