Monday, July 21, 2008

Alrighty then!!!!

So as you can clearly see, i have fallen WAAAAYYYYYY behind on the posting department. As if it matters, i think like 5 people read this thing, but for those of you faithful few prepare yourselves to be blog dumped on. Well our vacation has come and gone, we are now home, very sad moment when we left the island. Our time there was incredible!!! Got some sweet family time our 1st week on the big island, and some awesome time by ourselves for our second week on the beautiful island of Kauai. In the next few weeks ill post day to day breakdowns of our trip, for all of you who hate to read....rejoice!!! for i will attempt to keep the writing to a minimum. Note that i said attempt, so i make no guarantees. Also be forewarned that you will see A LOT of underwater photos, as this is the 1st trip in which i had my new underwater housing and like a fat guy around cake i went crazy and shot a ton with it. The undersea creature of this trip was definitely the turtle as we saw them everywhere, it was way cool. On that note i will give a shout out to my buddy Erik at Del Mar Housing Projects makers of my housing, seriously awesome awesome awesome!!! Words cannot describe how amazing it is to have that thing and it works perfectly, seriously if youre in the market for an underwater housing check these guys out. These guys are top notch..........Ok so i think ive said all that i need to say, but before the massive posting begins let me just express how incredibly blessed i am. I know that "its just hawaii" but seriously this vacation was awesome, and i got to see some incredible things that will forever hold a special place in my heart and got to cross some things off the list of things to do before i die. Ok now for real here come some photos.........

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