Sunday, June 01, 2008

Why i love the night!!!!

The night has such an incredible beauty to it, it just blows me away every time that i am at a place where you can see the stars. Up here there isnt much light pollution and the moon isnt out so it makes for perfect conditions to look at the stars. I was able to pull off 3 exposures before i got really cold and had to go back inside, the 1st one i did i wont even post because its terrible. Basically i tried to shoots something with me in it, i got it all set up and had my exposure time down, put the camera on a timer to give me enough tim to get into the shot. Only one problem.......i needed to unlock the shutter release cable in order to end the exposure since i dont have a way to trip the camera wireless or a cable that will let me input the length of the exposure. Of course i realize this right before i need to end the exposure and know that i need to move in order to do it, but this will ruin my exposure. With no other option i moved and unlocked the cable release and of course ruined the shot......oh well. So i decided to use an empty chair in an open field and try that and light it up with some flash. I did a 15 minute exposure........and i think it came out kinda cool. The 3rd shot was just something real quick so its nothing impressive but the stars look really cool so i kept it. That was my evening and now some photos for you. Enjoy!!

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