Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen i give you Teylor Camilo...

Did a senior portrait today that was a total blast, Teylor attends the same church that i have been at for many many years now. Ive know her for a while now but it wasnt until today that i learned that her sister is Danielle Camilo who is a very talented musician and graphic designer.....learn something new everyday i suppose. We did the photos at the old Bonsall Bridge, you might remember it from an earlier post i did. Its an old bridge that looks really cool and even better its been closed down to traffic so its a great place to shoot. Of course you get the random couple the walks on by making out the whole time.....makes for an awkward time while their passing by but a good source of laughter when they are gone. Mary Kate Dougan joined us for all the fun and she became my little assistant for the afternoon, we had fun watching her trying to figure out how to fold the diffuser back into position......hahahahaha it was pretty funny. So the afternoon was a blast shooting photos and quoting random Zoolander movie lines, i think i burned off my breakfast burrito just by laughing the whole time. Thanks for a fun afternoon ladies, you were both a blast to be around. Heres some photos. Enjoy!!

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Unknown said...

yay, first one to post!!!

Wow. That is all I gotta say! These photos are amazing. I love how you got some candid ones in there too. Funny, I didn't know I'd be mentioned in your blog, but that's exciting! you gotta check out mine sometime :)

Greatness I say, greatness.