Saturday, February 16, 2008

Im still blown away.....

Ive had the D300 for a couple of weeks now and everytime that i press that shutter realease and look at the screen i am just blown away. The ease of working with this camera is incredible, the controls just feel right, its performance is simply outstanding....and i could go on. So the day after Valentines Day i hung out with my good friend Mike Baca to have a little shooting adventure, it was a round noon so we decided to fuel up before we headed out......mexican food was the poison of choice so to Filibertos we went. After consumption feeling full and lethargic we had to decide where to shoot, Mike asked if i had seen the green field full of yellow flower behind Filebertos and suggested that we start there. It was about 1 in the pm when we started, not a time that i tend to go out and shoot and the light is so harsh, but not to be stopped and seeing as how Mike had to be at work at 5 we began to shoot. I had a blast!!! Being out at that time really forced me to think creatively and see what i could shoot, and what we thought would be a short shoot at the field turned into several hours and then Mike had to go to work. We parted ways but i wasnt finished yet as i still had the urge to shoot more photos. Tired of shooting at the coast i decided to move inland and headed towards the old Bonsall Bridge. You ever had a place that you pas by all the times and think "man that would be fun to shoot" well this bridge is that place for me. For as long as i can remember i always wanted to shoot there but never got around to it until yesterday....t was incredible!!!! I busted out the lens baby for some shots and tried out the cameras live view mode for some macro shots. I tell you that live vie mode is AMAZING!!! It is incredible being able to compose your shot on the screen and not have to contort you body just to try and look through the view finder. Not only that but being able to zoom in while in live view and fine tune your focus......INCREDIBLE!!! So there you have it, that was my Friday afternoon, heres some photos. Enjoy!!

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