Saturday, March 08, 2008

Out for a spot of fun....

Friday i was out shooting photos for a "possible" magazine cover......we will see if i get it or not. While i was out i decided to hit the beach since i was nearby and do some shooting of my own. I have been really busy with work these last couple of weeks and havent been able to shoot "zo" stuff, dont get me wrong.....i LOVE the fact that im busy and get to do this for work. Yet there is a definite distinction between shoots that you do as an assignment or work and the stuff that when you do it just totally relaxes you. When all youre doing is losing yourself in the moment and it all just melts away with every click of the shutter. Of course you wouldnt get this impression if you were there watching me shoot as i was moving all over the place and by the end i was soaked in sea water and sweat, but it was AWESOME!!! I stayed until the last possible moment just trying to capture those last few moments of light and color in the was a blast and thats really all that needs to be said. Heres some photos. Enjoy!!

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