Sunday, January 13, 2008


After leaving auntie Beth's house we made the drive to Sedona Arizona where we stayed for 1 night, Sedona was incredibly beautiful. All the dirt and rocks is this really intense red color that only became more vibrant as the sun set, i found it unfortunate that there was road construction EVERYWHERE limiting what photos we could take. There was also buildings all over the place which to me is a real shame as the scenery is so incredible but there are buildings everywhere you look making it difficult to compose good photos. There are a lot of hikes that you can take though to see some of these incredible rock formations, but we were only there for one night and did not have the time to take some for the longer ones. We decided to do a really short trail and we had a blast walking around taking photos. We were out all afternoon until after the sun went down looking for photos to take it was an awesome day and our 4 year anniversary. What incredible blessing to spend the day with the one i love doing what i love to do the most and even more incredible that she also enjoys the same thing.......i cant ask for anything more. Heres some photos.

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