Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New toy update.....

This Christmas my brother gave me the coolest present!!! He surprised me with a Lensbaby 3G, if youve never heard of it then follow the link and it will teach you all you need to know. I have always thought of getting one for myself but could never really justify spending the dough. Well now i have one and i will let you all know that i am very very humbled, i always saw these cool pictures taken with Lensbabies and liked the effect. But of course i never thought that it would be that hard to you use the lens.......well Lorenzo has foot in mouth syndrome right now cus holy cow!!!! It has been a bigger learning curve than i expected, everything is manual and when you 1st use the lens it feels like theres about a million things that you have to keep in mind before you even take a photo. Focusing has been the biggest challenge by far, getting my metering down was a piece of cake but man focusing this thing is going to take some real practice. Just when you think you got it you take the photo and look at it on the screen and you realize that you were just a little off. Progress is really slow but im getting there, i want to play around with the different aperture rings that it came with but of course me being the moron that i am i keep leaving them in a different bag when i go out. So far all the photos i have taken with it have SUCKED!!! Ill be brave and post some that i have taken in my next post......be gentle. Its going to take a while.....but im up for the challenge. I absolutely love the lens and the possibilities that it presents, i look forward to mastering it. Thanks David it was an AWESOME gift!!

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