Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not every day can be a good day......

After 3 days of incredible days and awesome shooting we had our 1st downer. It was our second day n Arizona and we decided to visit a place called Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. We had found some sweet photos on their website so we figured why not, unfortunately there were 2 things that worked against us. 1) The park was over 2 hours away 2) Arizona had a rain storm 2 days earlier. We made the drive which was beautiful but of course we were driving at the worst time of day so lighting was really flat and there was no place to turn of and stop. After over 2 hours of driving we finally arrived only to find out that all of the trails were closed off due to high water levels in the river that goes through the park. So we stayed until closing and tried to shoot as many photos as we could given the limited nature of our stay, sadly it wasnt as great as the previous days of shooting but all you can do is try. So here they are.......enjoy as much as they can be enjoyed .

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