Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jordan & Katelyn

Yesterday i had the great pleasure to shoot some engagement photos with my friend Jordan Groth and his fiance Katelyn. It was a lot of fun, since they didnt want anything to "lovey dovey" for the photos we shot in Oceanside. I got there early and checked out some locations that i thought were cool. It was actually really funny because earlier in the day Jordan text messaged me and since there were clouds in the sky he asked if the clouds endangered our shoot to which i replied "only if it rains".Those were famous last words because as i was scouting around i felt a drop on my head, i looked down and saw a drop on my camera screen. For the 1st time in my life i found myself hoping that the drop was either my own spit or to be completely gross snot from my runny wasnt. Shortly thereafter it began to rain pretty steadily, all is well though and we still shot some photos, we ended up shooting in a parking structure in Oceanside. Apparently the structure is monitored to because we had security guards come up to check out just what the heck we were doing it was pretty funny and awkward at the same time. Despite the weather we managed to get some cool shots, were going to shoot on another day to get some stuff that we didnt get to do today.....let hope the weather cooperates. Jordan and Katelyn you guys were awesome and such good sports, thanks for putting up with me. Only one photo for now, as i am tired and need to get to bed, but more will come soon. Enjoy.

engagement session with Jordan and Katelyn

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Anonymous said...

heck yes! that shot is the jam! i love the contrast between that coat and the desaturated sky.