Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Of windy nights and failed attempts

So after a day of shooting bugs we went out after dinner to shoot what I had wanted to shoot the 1st time that we came to Palm Springs. When we were here last time I saw these massive fields of HUGE wind turbines that create electricity. I thought that it would be way cool to take some night time photos of them, unfortunately last time we were here I didn’t get the chance to shoot any of them. So tonight we went out to try some shots, unfortunately all the element were against me last night. It was super windy so there was a lot of sand flying everywhere. There were no clouds in the sky so it made the sky kind of boring. I thought that maybe I could do some star trails but the moon was out and made that really difficult plus the city lights put up a lot of light pollution. That doesn’t mean that im not going to try, I only managed to get only a 2 shots and neither are what I had envisioned. That’s alright though because I learned a lot and I will be ready for the next time that I come back and try again……….and don’t worry……..Ill Be Back!!! The other cool thing is that we met this train conductor named Bob, he was way chill and fun to talk to. Bob if youre reading this it was a great pleasure to meet you and im glad that we could provided at least a couple of minutes of entertainment for you. Heres the 2 photos from last night. Enjoy.

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