Friday, April 06, 2007


So theres this bee hive in my front yard now, the little buggers have taken up residence under the cover of our water meter. Of course i cant help myslef and had to go out and try to get some photos, let me tell was a very interesting experience to say the least. It was also a painful experience, my wife and i have recently gone back to the gym and when youre doing macro photos it involves holding very still and holding a camera that after a while feels like it ways a ton. combine that with being incredibly sore and well im amazed i got anything at all. On top of that im next to this bee hive and theres bees all over the place, their flying around my head, flying by my ears, landing on my head. i was praying the whole time that i wouldn't get stung and that they werent killer bees.......cus you know dying by bee sting is just not cool. the photos arent great, since theres weeds all over the place and im sure as heck not going to move them, so the background is all cluttered. i also tried something different with these shots....... i used my 80-200mm 2.8 with a 27.5mm extension tube and an OLD 1.6x teleconverter. man that sucker got heavy, after the bees i found some bugs on a rose bush and switched out the 80-200 with a 105mm micro nikkor. anywho, heres the photos. enjoy!!


blaine said...

"i was praying the whole time that i would get stung"

I hope thats a typo... cuz you'd be one crazy fool to pray you get stung!

cool shots dude... love the story too! :)

Lorenzo Menendez said...

hahahaha........i guess i should "proof" read my post before i make them live. i am a crazy foo but im not dumb enough to want to get stung.........although some might argue that.