Friday, March 16, 2007

Soft furry things....

I thik that God likes to have fun at my expense, seeing as how HE made me HE knows that i "try" to come across as a "manly" kind of guy. Yet for whatever reason i have a soft spot for small furry defenseless animals, this is probably the reason why i keep finding kittens that have been left to fend for themselves around the house. Why does it have to be cats though? I hate cats......why cant it be a litter of German Shepards or some other cool dog? Oh well, last year i found a small black kitten that was stuck in a ditch by our house. My wife and i saved it from certain death for sure, we gave it away cus my wife is allergic to cats. Well today i found a whole litter of little furballs, i went bug hunting last night and kept hearing these little squeaks. I emmediately knew what they were but dismissed them as "my brain playing tricks on me". Alas i kept hearing them and knew that it was little kittens somewhere around the house, i looked at the heavens and asked "why me". Well today i went back and looked for the wee ones, their mother doesnt seem to be around anywhere, and they still havent opened their eyes. It seems to be my lot in life to find these little guys........oh well i guess theres nothig you can do. Ill be keeping an eye out for the mom, if i dont see her around then ill call humane society or something. Anywho, took some pics so here they are.

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