Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sand Blasted........

So North County was hit by a wee bit of a wind storm yesterday, most people stay indoors when stuff like this happens but to a photographer crappy weather is a gold mine. Called my buddy Mike and we headed down to Cbad and shot at the beach, you dont appreciate just how windy it is until you go to a place that has a lot of dirt flying around. Man is was like having your face sand blasted, it was so cool though cus all the sand had this really neat smooth texture to it. Trying to shoot against the wind was a stupid idea though, cus not only does your eye dry up in like a fraction of a second and then it freaks out cus its all dry so it starts to tear up in a frantic effort to keep itself moist but you also get about 30 pounds of sand in your eye lie. Im still clearing out the sand out of my eye, its was way fun though. Didn't get any "wow" shots but we did come away with some ok ones. I tried to get some seagull shots but it was just not going to happen, my buddy Blaine got some cool stuff and a cool seagull shot............well seagulls would be a lot more accurate. Youre lucky you didnt get pooped on dude, and make sure you check out Mikes page on MySpace, if he ever gets off his lazy butt and post's his shots. And lasty you can check out more pictures from yesterday on my MySpace page. Heres some photos. Leave a comment or two. Enjoy!!

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