Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It finally arrived!!!!

For many months now i have been longing to get a macro focusing rail from a company called Really Right Stuff. Well after a long time waiting i finally ordered it last Friday and today the UPS man came knocking on my door. It was an exciting time had by all.........well by me anyways cus the UPS man couldnt care less. As it is when i get new toys i went out and did some testing of the new piece of gear, i will admit that it was a lot more difficult to use than i 1st anticipated and at times i wondered if it was worth the money i had spent on it. Well after many pictures shot i started to get used to using the thing and began to appreciate its value. To be able to set my lens to the magnification that i want and then fine tune its focus byt twisting a knob is FANTASTIC!! It sucks that it was so windy today as that only complicated matters, but i was able to use the strobes and get some shots. With it being so windy you have to make sacrifices when it comes to the backgroung, i would love to have some soft green backdrops but had to settle for almost black as i had to se flash and a fast shutter speed to make sure i got a good image. Alright enough of my blabbing heres some photos. Enjoy.

Oh heres a picture of the rail.......mmmmm

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blaine said...

You always have a way of finding them ladybugs!!! Nice shots, love that last one the most.