Friday, March 16, 2007

Bugs aplenty....

Went out to a grass feild on Thursday to get some bug shots, ive gone to this feild for the past couple of years cus there is always something to shoot. This time was not exception, i didnt get a ton of shots since i got there late in the day but still got some fun stuff. When youre shooting bugs you always end up shooting lying down, i had forgotten just how sharp and itchy grass can be. Plus, you would think that shooting while laying down would be tiring at all, but man i was exhausted and driping with sweat when i finished. You just forget how tiring it is to shoot this kind of stuff since youre at weird angles and your holding your breath and flexing muscles that dont get used all the time. Youre doing that and holding strobes focusing and about a hundred different things all at the same time and trying to hold still.....let me tell ya it gets tiring. It was a blast though, it a whole different world that you get to see and its really neat to see a whole ecosystem that consist of these tiny creatures. I didnt get much, just a flower and a cool looking grasshopper i found on which i consentrated all my efforts once i discovered him. Man was he tough though, he would move without fail as soon as i was ready to take a picture, it was very frustrating. I will be returning this week to see what else i can find, heres some pics. Enjoy.

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