Friday, September 29, 2006


The slang expression to say "just kidding!"

"Monkeys fly outa yo momma's butt...SYKE!"
"Penguins ate my family...SYKE!"

At least thats what the online dictionary said it meant.......couple of days ago i did a photo shoot with my friend Mike Baca. This guy always has me laughing and hes always saying something and then ill give him a weird look and then comes the "SYKE!!!". Anyways, we did hes senior portraits, it was a lot of fun, and the pictures came out good so thats always a plus. Sorry ladies hes already taken, and im sure that his girlfriend Gaylor ( her real name is Taylor but Gaylor is my little buddy name for her.....she loves it and jumps up and down for joy whenever she hears it..................SYYKE!!!! hahahaha im an idiot) wouldnt appreciate it if you start hitting on him. So yeah, thats the post for today hope you like the photos, and check out Mike on MySpace hes got his own photo page on there, its prety cool. Until next time.......SHALOM

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