Friday, September 22, 2006

Simplicity of Design....

One of the areas that i most love about photography is macro photography (extremely close up photography if you dont know what it is) I find it fascinating that is this immense world there is yet another unto itself that is seldom seen, to see what goes on in this small world is truly an incredible experience. Out of all the things to photograph up close in nature i think we can all easily say that bugs are by far my favorite subjects. Yes i know they are not at all the most appealing creatures as far as looks go. When you get up close even the most beautiful of butterflies looks fearsome and freaky. Yet there is a great deal of fascination that i have for these creatures, they are the most primitive of creatures in terms of intelligence. But it is the design that i truly admire, so simple and yet without their existence our ecosystem would be thrown into chaos. Everything on their bodies serves some purpose, from their unconventional eyes to the way that they sense the world through hairs on their bodies or the antennas on their head. Then thinking about how it all works together in unison to form a simple and yet at the same time complex creature. More than admiration for the creation, is the admiration of its people think that life could have just evolved is beyond me. Seeing and photographing things in nature and studying how they work, there is no way that it could just be a bunch of random events. Ok so i have rambled on long enough i leave you with some pictures of a butterfly from our trip to yosemite. Late i know but thats what happens when i start looking through all the old pictures. Hope you like them, shalom.

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