Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I had a longer post for this, but then Blogger decided to be retarded and i lost the whole thing......frustration!!! Oh well, move on Lorenzo. So, we had the rents and G'ma over for dinner, my wife made Enchiladas ( mmmmmmm so good ). It was lots of fun, cus we hadnt had my parents over yet, and G'ma is visiting right now so we got to have her over too. After dinner we were all talking and this grass hopper landed on my window screen.......as soon as i saw it i knew what i would be doing later. So i guess you could say that i made a new friend, shot a bunch of images. It was so much fun, and like i always say it was truly amazing. Anywho, im tired and still frustrated (shakes fist at blogger) so i will leave you with the pictures from tonight, and leave comments if you want. Oh and for the rcord.......Mom and Dad, it was good to have you over, hope we can do it again soon, G'ma youre to cool for words. Ok im done, enjoy and. Shalom.

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