Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Hawaii photos you say?!?!

Well i can certainly provide :) Heres a small collection of photos from my recent trip to the islands, been pleasantly surprised with the stuff that i have gotten from my trip. I said before that at 1st i was worried since it felt like i had not shot as much as in previous years. I think that the discrepancy is to to 2 big factors 1) the weather on the Big Island 2) Being much more aware and picky about what i shoot and at what times of the day that i am shooting. So while i didnt come back with as many photos the quality of them is definitely better and i dont have to work as hard on them once i get them into the computer. thank you all for following along with all the recent posts, i have several more that i am working on. For now feast on these. Enjoy!

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Jesse said...

i am loving these :)