Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hawaiian Adventure continued.....

Well i continue to sort through and process the photos that i took on my recent trip to the islands. So far its been pretty fun looking through what i got and evaluating how well i captured my images and what things i can do differently next time. I came back from the trip a little bummed that i didnt get as many photos as i had in previous years because of the bad weather but i have been pleasantly surprised to see that this was not the case and i have more good photos than i originally thought. As a warning to all of you, i will be posting a lot more hawaii photos in the next few weeks. So if youre sick of seeing hawaii photos please feel free to not follow along, i wont be hurt. They say that every photo has a story behind it and i can tell you that this is very true, and while i could sit here and tell you the story behind every photo we would be here forever. I know youre all just here for photos so here you go. Enjoy!

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