Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kauai.....the family photos

Life has many many blessings, we have been privileged to have experience a great number of them. This year we were blessed beyond measure to once again be able to go back to hawaii, but even greater still we were able to fly out my mom and one of my sisters to join us. My nephew and brother in law came along as well, it was incredible to be able to share such a beautiful place with my family. On top of that i am grateful to be a photographer because it gives me the ability to capture many of our silly moments and great adventures forever. all in all i have very little to complain about, my life is really something like a wonderful dream. even in its darkest and most frustrating moments there is more to be grateful about than not. Here are some of our wonderful moments from our time in Kauai, ill update this post with more photos as soon as i edit more. Some of these are re-edited photos from earlier posts. Enjoy!


Angela said...

These are so good!! I love the 2 of you and Jenn in the water!

Katrina said...

The second one of you and Jen must be framed in your house somewhere! It's incredible! I love all of your Hawaii posts. Great job Zo!