Friday, April 29, 2011

Winding Down.....

Well our time on Kauai is coming to a close, my family leaves tomorrow and Jen and i leave monday. Jen flies back home to california while i fly to the Big Island for another week. Its always hard when your time here is coming to an end and it hits you that you have to leave this little speck of heaven out in the middle of the pacific and return to the stresses that make you go on vacation in the 1st place. Still we are grateful to have had this time here, to visit with friends and most importantly to be able to share it with family. I think that their experiences here will be long remembered, from remembering just how much sweeter fruit tastes here, to the magic of a sunset in Hanalei, or the beauty of a sunrise at tunnels and seeing the sun drape its golden light upon the green cliffs of the north shore. So many things that we love about our second little home here are now etched in the memories of my family forever. We have had a great time, lots of great memories have been made. Aloha for now :)

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