Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Experiences......

Yes we are alive, i thought that we didnt have internet access here but just discovered that we do! So i thought i would give you all a quick update. My family (mom, sister, brother inlaw and nephew) flew in on Saturday and we have been enjoying exploring the island ever since. We had the amazing priveledge and blessing to be able to fly my mom and sister (both who have never taken a vacation) in to experience one our favorite places on the planet. it has been a week of new experiences all around, seeing my nephew get so excited when he saw a turtle for the 1st time was something that i wont soon forget, the whole family is enchanted with the "magic" of this place to say the least. For me the biggest thing that is new is shifting my focus from being a photographer to being with my family and being a host, this has always been difficult for me but i am slowly learning. While i have not been shooting as much as in previous years i am afforded some opportunities here and there, Jen keeps me in line when i start to wander of the path. After this i still have a week on the big island that will be nothing but shooting photos 24/7 which i am very grateful for. Overall this has been one of the most rewarding trips so far, its amazing sharing your love for a place with others and seeing their enjoyment of it as well. Here is a collection of various photos taken over the last several day (except for the turtle which is the one i saw at tunnels a few days ago) Enjoy and Aloha!

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