Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adventures in Paradise

ALOHA TO ALL FROM THE BEAUTIFUL ISLAND OF KAUAI!!! Well its finally here, our what seems to be annual trip to Hawaii, we are having a blast and are thoroughly enjoying our time here. Had a beautiful sunset today, and the waterfalls are running like crazy, we are staying on the north shore for our 1st week and just absolutely love it up here.Ill be shooting as much as i can but wont be blogging much, want to spend as much time with my lovely wife and my family when they arrive. With that said heres a few from today, dont get to used to these as i will be re-editing them them once i get back home and into my calibrated and color controlled environment. My apologies if they look like crap on your screen, but if at all possible try to enjoy them. Aloha!

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limelife photography said...

love all the colors! (they don't look like crap.) looking forward to living vicariously through you :-)