Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nothing changes your life....

like adding another life to it and having to take care of it, no jen is NOT pregnant i just want to make that perfectly clear. Im talking about the 2 furry creatures that we brought into our home well over a year ago. It began with Koa, who after 5 years of trying i had finally convinced my wife to get a dog. Ever since we got married she had never wanted a dog, but all that changed and we got our 1st dog and since that chilly morning down in mission bay were he came up to her before anyone else to say hi she was hooked. Since day one koa has brightened up our home in an unbelievable way, he loves without question, greets jen when she gets home with such enthusiasm it one of the best parts of her day and he loves to cuddle. He has an amazing loving and curious personality but can be very mellow, hes been one of the best decisions that we have made. After our vacation to Hawaii last year we came home and on impulse decided to go to Hellen Woodward (this is very dangerous by the way!) to find a friend for Koa who was always crying at the fence when he heard the neighbors dogs. It was there that we met Kai who at the time was called Doritos, we went into the cage and Kai ran up and just about licked our faces off. We fell in love right away, but we almost didnt get him since his first meeting with Koa was and extremely loud meeting and we were worried that they would not get along. After some deliberation we decided to risk it and brought him home and we have never looked back. Going through pictures it hard to believe that it has been over a year and unbelievable how Koa who is now a 70 plus pound beast could have come from that cute tiny little thing that we brought home. It hasnt been without its challenges though, Koa had health issues from the beginning, and being curious loved to eat things that he wasnt supposed to eat. Kai......well Kai has been the bane of my existence at times, he is and absolute tornado and a back talker when he doesnt get his way. He will bark at his own shadow and goes absolutely berserk when he sees another dog which has made it difficult to socialize him. Kai is definitely at the other end of the espectrum and love to bug Koa and instigates a fight all the time, stealing his toys or biting at his legs to get his way. A regular day in the Menendez home is those 2 wrestling and barking at each other, its actually pretty hilarious.I have lovingly dubbed Kai El Demonio Blanco which is spanish for The White Demon or if youre an Ace Ventura fan its equinsu ocha or White Devil. Despite all of the challenges and frustrations we wouldnt trade a single day of it for anything, those 2 lovable fur balls have enriched our lives in ways that we couldnt possibly have imagined. Heres some photos of our furry children, i definitely have a lot more of Koa than Kai but i plan on changing that soon.

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