Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Desert Rat 2011

Went to Ocotillo Wells to an event called Desert Rat thats put on by our church. I was there with my buddy Josh, his father in law Ray and son Troy and a bunch of their friends. We had a blast flying trough the desert kicking up big clouds of dust, climbing large rocks with vehicles, making mud fly, getting stuck in sand, changing tires and overall establishing our manly dominance over the desert and all that dwells in it. I have been on this event before and the 1st time that i went i took a bazillion photos but this time i only shot when light was good and was a lot more picky with my photos and i think i came away with some great stuff. The weather was all over the place, it would be nice in the morning and then it would be freezing at night and incredibly windy but we did get some great clouds and made for some beautiful sunsets. It was a lot of fun and im looking forward to doing it again, im still going through photos but did manage to edit a few (including a quick 27 image Panoramic (i shot a lot of Panos). Ill be posting more photos in the next few days so come back soon. Enjoy!!

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Greta said...

Awesome desert photos, Zo! So cool. Makes me miss camping in the desert so much. Camping in the woods here on the east coast is just not nearly as cool. Looks like you guys had a blast!