Thursday, March 03, 2011

Desert Rat 2011 Panoramas

Took a lot of Panoramic images out in the desert and one on the way back home. Most of them range anywhere from 25-30 or so individual images which is relatively small after the monster 70 image panorama i did in joshua tree. Anywho here they are. Enjoy!

Sun was going down fast and had little time to get everything ready. Taken at Blow Sands in Ocotillo Wells

I call this one the Rats Nest. 26 image Pano of Desert Rat 2011 Base Camp

Somewhere in Ocotillo Wells, while driving through a river basin the lead Jeep blew a tire. Had to change it so we all got out and played

Lunch stop at Lake Henshaw, over the weekend the mountains go dumped on and there was snow everywhere. terrible time of day to shoot it but i wanted to get something.

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Stubbart said...

I found some of your photo's online back in 2008 I believe of the Tonto National Forest in AZ. I can't find your email and was hoping you'd be able to tell me where you were in the National Forest. I just moved to AZ and am taking my family on an RV trip. Would love to go to some of the places you photographed. My email is if you end up getting this and wouldn't mind telling me... Thanks! Evan