Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Return to the Cliffs

A few weeks ago i did a post with a series of photos i took at the Wiamea Pier, in that post i had stated the importance of not only looking for beauty beyond the surface of a place but also the importance of going back to see what different things you can capture. You can check the post out here now this is all just my opinion and nothing more. I bring that up because last night i went back to the carlsbad cliffs, you can check that post out here. The last time i went there i did some shots of the water drops falling off of the wet moss that clings to the rocks, i loved the delicate nature of the drops and how they seemed to encapsulate the sunset within. The golden color of the setting sun add beautiful light to the colorful moss, alas when i came home i wasnt all that happy with what i had shot. The concept was fine i just shot my closeups to late into the evening and didnt like what i had captured. Not only that i went there with the intention of shooting some great landscapes, so i decided to go back with my full attention devoted to getting those closeup shots that i had missed. Along the way i shot some landscapes as well but like i said that just wasnt my main focus this time around, i managed to get some different stuff but ill let you all be the judges of that. So heres some photos from last nights outing. Enjoy!

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