Saturday, February 19, 2011

Plenty of clouds.....very little color

Thursday i went out to catch the sunset, ive been enjoying visiting the different beaches in carlsbad and Encinitas and plan on making my way further south. So back to the sunset, it was pretty disappointing to say the least i was pretty excited to go out earlier in the day as with the recent storms there were some great clouds in the sky which i was hoping would reflect some of the sunset. Sadly though as the sun got lower in the horizon it hid behind a thick cloud bank and it obscured a lot of the color, i was pretty bummed and not to mention that i had underestimated how cold it was going to be i was out there in sandals and shorts and was freezing my butt off. Eventually i called it quits as i started to get numb from the cold but on my way to the car i saw the moon rising over coast highway and thought to myself "yeah theres a picture here" the moon wasnt clear but was behind a bunch of clouds, the backlight brought out a lot of details in the clouds, there was a good amount of movement in the clouds so i knew it would make a cool long exposure and with cars coming down coast highway it would add some great movement in the foreground. I wanted to capture everything in one frame but the only lens i had that was wide enough was my fisheye lens, i dont normally use the fisheye lens as its very easy to overuse but it was the only thing i had that would pull it off so on it went. i figured out exposure and lastly decided to leave my white balance on cloudy, while most of the time i would shoot night stuff with a tungsten WB to render the scene in blue as moonlight has a very "cool" color temp i liked the color that the warmer WB rendered. Plus when i looked around i could see that the clouds were reflecting a lot of the orange light from city lights in the distance, the cloudy WB showed this were the Tungsten one did not. All in all eventhough i didnt walk away with much its was still a productive evening plus i got a nice 12 shot Pano and found some of the images worked well in Black and White. So there you have it, heres some photos for you. Enjoy!

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