Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The marine layer.....bane of my existence

Against by better judgement i went out yesterday afternoon. I knew that the marine layer was going to be coming in but i was holding against hope that there would still be a great "show" for sunset. Alas i ended up being wrong, oh well maybe next time. All was not a loss though, i actually came away with 3 pictures that im not totally excited about but happy enough that here i am making a blog post about it :) The one with the coaster i have been trying to get for a while and it looks like i will be going back to try again. Everytime that i go out there and try to get the shot it seems that everything is against me! This time it was the stupid marine layer that just gave everything this hazy look, oh how i hate you marine layer! Anywho heres the 3 pictures. Enjoy!

I keep trying to get this shot but whenever try something seems to wrong, all the elements are there to make a good image but i just need some clouds or something in there to really make it great.

An old stump that i found where i was shooting

Had the wrong lens for this but no time to change it, i think it would have worked if the dang birds would have flown lower in the frame

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blaine said...

Damn them low flying birds... next time teach them a lesson... bring a 12 gauge.