Saturday, June 26, 2010

Return to Joshua Tree....

I just got back from a quick trip out to Joshua Tree with my buddy Shawn Mesarra. It was such blast being out there with him driving around and exploring the park for places that we wanted to take pictures of. We arrived very late on Sunday night set up camp at Jumbo Rock campground and since it was so close to sunrise we just decided to stay awake and take pictures of the sun coming up. The weather was beautiful albeit hot, we could have used some clouds not just for cover but for some dramatic effect in the photos......alas it was not meant to be and we had nothing but clear skies. Having been to Joshua Tree before and having shot many photos at the park its always challenging going there and finding new ways to make the images look different than things ive shot before. I had decided before we left that the thing that i really enjoyed about Joshua Tree was the expansive landscapes and the awesome rock formations found all over the park. ive also gone a little panorama crazy lately and i shot a TON of them while there. All in all we had a lot of fun out there (well i know i did, hopefully Shawn did too) and found some other areas of the park that we want to explore for our next trip out there. Now heres some photos for you. hope you enjoy them!

Sunrise over Jumbo Rock campground

We waited for sunset overlooking this part of the valley, decided to do several shots at different times during and after sunset.

The moon was out and a very nice size, and while adding the moon to a photo can be very cliche i went for it anyway. Double exposure done in camera.

Here are some of the panoramics, you can view them larger by clicking on the link below each photo.

View On Black

View On Black

View On Black

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