Friday, August 27, 2010

Hawaii 2010. The Big Island

Its true........I AM STILL ALIVE! I just havent been posting, i have been catching up on the mountain of editing i have to get done since i got back from vacation. On top of all that we have had some BIG events that have occupied my time lately, but more on that at a later post. You may have known but for those of you who didnt, my wife and i were in hawaii a few weeks ago......i know i know BIG SURPRISE!! Many people think that we are obsessed with Hawaii, i dont see it exactly as an obsession but we do like to visit there a lot and meet new people and catch up with old friends. If you still choose to think that we are obsessed well then thats ok, im obsessed and im happy to feed the habit. This year we went to the Big Island and Kauai, Jen was with me for 2 weeks and i spent a 3rd week on Kauai by myself. Our trip was incredible, we got to meet some great people and experience somethins new on the Big Island that will be with me forever.......but more on that on a later post. I have lots and lots of pictures to go through so posting will be in no particular order, plus right now im editing those photos to take a quick break from all the work i am finishing up so its a slow process. Our time on the Big Island was split between Hilo and Kona, we spent the 1st part of the week in Hilo and finished our time on the Kona coast. Here are some of my current favorites from the Big island, feel free to share the contents of the blog with friends and leave some comments. Enjoy!

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